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  • Smart automation
  • Totally digital control by tablet or Smartphone
  • Smart alarm with 16 zones
  • Low cost
  • Resistant to vibration, dust and temperature
  • 3 banks of 4 cameras with resolution of 720 x 480 in H264 or jpeg
  • 3G communication, internet and Wi-Fi
  • Low cost
  • Easy use and installation
  • Lifetime warranty

We live in an unsafe world and everybody searches technological solutions. Imagine a product that gathers monitoring, alarm and automation, the Controlcap gathers all this with practicality, low cost and efficiency.

With a lot of practicality you can automate your house or company, turn on the lights, air-conditioning, manage the consumption of energy or any other device being a great allied of sustainability.

In a totally intuitive and direct manner you manage your system of alarm and security.

With more 16 independent zones and up to 256 sensors freely configured by software, you can define and configure any security system.

When an alarm is activated you will receive a message in your cell phone and visualize the event in real time.

With Controlcap you can see one of the 4 cameras at any time and record all in a memory card or even in an external hard drive.

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  • Company
  • Real Estate
  • Residence

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