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  • Totally digital control
  • Interface commanded by tablet, dispensing fixed consoles
  • Razor-sharp images of up to 4 cameras
  • Smart management in real time
  • Control of up to 2048 parameters of the vessel
  • High strength
  • Reduction of vessel weight
  • 3G communication with up to 2 operators, Wi-Fi
  • NMEA and CAN BUS protocol
  • Totally integrated platform and designed as marine
  • Lifetime warranty

The digital era has arrived in the nautical market. Imagine your boat literally on the tip of your fingers.

With Nautcap you can completely control your vessel, be it onboard or remotely from wherever you are through a tablet or cell phone.

Nautcap is much more than an interface, it is the digital control of the most modern embedded intelligence.

With Nautcap flooding, fire, inflammable gases, basement pumps, exhaust and other devices alarms are continuously managed and all the intelligence in decision making is made by Nautcap that can activate extinguisher, turn on pumps and other devices automatically besides sending messages and alarms to your cell phones.

With Nautcap the communication between deck and cabin is all digital by a CAN BUS communication channel highly reliable which allows reduction of electric circuit, biggest flexibility and low cost.

All in Nautcap is thought to last, no adaptations of systems based in PC. Its operation is direct and simple without complex configurations and confuse interfaces. Through your tablet or Smartphone you control all the functions of the vessel.

Nautcap is monitoring all the functions the whole time, regardless of being connected or not. Much more than turning on and off the light, Nautcap revolutionizes all the electric installation of a vessel, brings the digital control for the nautical world.

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